IoT & Smart Logistics: deploy a geolocation service on construction site

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To accelerate its on-site geolocation service, Omniscient has chosen Kuzzle after emerging from the Bouygues Construction group's intrapreneurship program

Omniscient by Bouygues Construction allows site teams to have access to anonymized key data, accessible in real time from the platform and application through connected chips deployed on the teams' equipment or gears.The project is currently deployed on two sites: in Paris in France (11-storey office building) and in Singapore (51-storey building).


Some key numbers:

+3000 connected tooling equipments

+1000 connected gears

More than 3000 supervised hours on each site


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"The first demonstrator carried out this summer showed Bouygues Construction teams that we could integrate different geolocation solutions, display them on a map and use the data in just one week! With Kuzzle, development is no longer a matter of months, but week."

portrait client case study-Nicolas-Lemaire-Omniscient Nicolas Lemaire CEO of Omniscient

About Omniscient


Nicolas Lemaire and Antonio Caselles, who emerged from Bouygues Construction's intrapreneurship program, have developed a service solution based on asset management for the construction industry. Built around an application, the solution connects IoT sensors of various technologies in order to restore geolocation, inventory and monitored resources alerts. Beyond that, the data collected allows the implementation of a range of productivity indicators. As a genuine management tool, Omniscient provides its services to building sites, public works, equipment fleet management and site logistics. More information :