QWANT IoT: Democratization of Internet of Things and open data

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Kuzzle and Leading European Search Engine to Democratize Internet of Things and Open Data for the General Public.

use case qwant rich text picture-v1Qwant opted to use Kuzzle IoT backend solution to collect real-time data from connected devices. When users search for up-to-date information available from IoT and open data sources on Qwant search engine, the results will be generated by the Kuzzle backend. This data, which does not contain any personally identifiable information, could be used to retrieve results such as air quality in California as wildfires burn, barges geolocation along the United States Pacific coast or even lunch menus at primary school  cafeterias in Texas. The power of the Kuzzle IoT platform lies in its ability to collect, integrate and process massive amounts of heterogeneous data from the Internet of Things in real time.



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"This partnership is part of our commitment to streamline data sources to reflect the richnessof the web and of the Internet of Things. The Kuzzle backend is a critical bridge that allows us to give users access to public data, which until now was inaccessible. It highlights how technological collaborations can help create shared value in the digital realm and once again demonstrates the dynamism of the French Tech digital ecosystem."

portrait client case study Eric Léandri CEO of Qwant

About Qwant

qwant-new-logoBased and designed in France, Qwant is the first European search engine with its own indexing technology, which protects the privacy of its users by refusing all tracking devices, including for advertising. Contrary to the main search engines on the market, Qwant does not install cookies on the user’s browser, does not want to know who the user is or what he/she does, and does not keep individual logs of user queries. Qwant’s friendly interface allows users to find answers efficiently from the Web and social networks. It respects neutrality. Qwant considers all indexed websites and services with no discrimination, without altering the ranking of results according to its own interests.