IoT & Smart City: Detecting telecom pole falls

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Detecting pole falls for an international operator with the connected solution Kuzzle IoT and TELCOMAT

TELCOMAT, expert in underground and overhead telecom networks, has connected and digitized the telecom poles of an international operator. The goal is to detect, geolocate and alert in real time of their falls via a mobile and web-based application building on the Kuzzle IoT platform. Thus, the operator will be able to improve repair times, reduce the reported failure rate or secure the interventions of its maintenance agents.



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"Not only, the application has been fast to develop and deploy (8 weeks), but through its expertise and its know-how, Kuzzle contributed to the success of the project. Our success is based on the good cooperation with Kuzzle team (technical collaboration and support throughout the project), but also on ourknowledge of the needs related to the management of telecom pole parks.”

Copy of Copy of conference (4) Roger Belval President of TELCOMAT SAS



TELCOMAT SAS is a French family-owned company launched in 2010 by Roger Belval who has developed a complete range of equipment, tools and implementation machines dedicated to the construction and maintenance of underground and overhead telecom networks. TELCOMAT has positioned itself as a telecommunications infrastructure expert, and has been providing regional high-speed broadband (THD) projects for several years. Today, TELCOMAT is defined by its agility and creativity , that is central to its entrepreneurial model. That allows it to stay in touch with its customers, to find with them tomorrow's technological and economic solutions.