Kuzzle IoT is an Open Source On-Premise and Cloud agnostic IoT Platform which integrates advanced features such as security and authentication, real-time engine and API management, geolocation and geo-fencing. In this video, we take a quick tour of the main features that make Kuzzle IoT really unique


Getting started with Kuzzle: Train with the creators of Kuzzle! 

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Discover Kuzzle IoT


Manage Sigfox devices
with Kuzzle IoT


Understand user-rights in Kuzzle:
take a tour on Users, Profiles, Policies and Roles.

Configuring Security


Admin console to manage your data,
users and rights policies

Install Kuzzle and enable the MQTT Protocol


How to search documents
via the Kuzzle Search API and the Kuzzle Admin?

Access to Kuzzle Admin


and why you should use them instead of the API

Discover our SDKs


What are plugins in Kuzzle?
extend your Kuzzle’s features with our plugins system.

Start your plugin development using our boilerplate




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