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Kuzzle IoT platform was chosen as the IoT data platform with Eiffage and Qwant to connect and control the energy, public lighting, waste, water, air quality and parking space businesses.


Kuzzle IoT aggregates, processes and visualizes all the data from each business at the local authority level and the Finistère department to facilitate the monitoring, management and optimization of these services for the Finistère smart territories and to generate savings for local authorities while speeding up the ecological transition. 


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It's the first initiative in France, at department level, to be led by a syndicate handling energy and to offer a personalized service for all Finisterian local authorities, municipalities and public establishments for inter-municipal cooperation."

Experimented for the Community of Municipalities of the Pays d'Iroise and Ushant Island and extended to the 270 cities SDEF member, the project provides:

  • Parking: Identify available parking spaces in real time (positive impact on pollution, noise and time saving for the citizen).
  • Public buildings: equip buildings with sensors for remote reading of fluid meters (water, gas, electricity, etc.) and thus enable more accurate control of consumption.
  • Environmental Quality: External sensors as well as sensors inside public buildings will make it possible to control, in particular, air quality and thus improve the management and comfort of the buildings.
  • Public lighting: Remote management solution for public lighting to control operating periods, carry out power dimming, optimize maintenance with the setting up of alerts in the event of breakdowns or network malfunctions, as well as monitoring energy consumption.
  • Waste: Monitor the filling of the supply points in real time and thus optimize the collection circuits of household waste bins.
  • Drinking water: remote reading of sectorization meters to detect leaks.

Integrating the citizen at the heart of the project: The modus operandi of a smart territory revolves around co-creation and citizen participation. It is a "living together" project that requires the citizens commitment and involvement. Thus, thanks to the provision of a citizen platform to the communities, the inhabitants of the territory will be directly informed of an event and will also be able to pass on information to the communities.

About the SDEF

The SDEF is responsible for the public electricity organisation, distribution service. A key player in the energy transition, SDEF is involved in many areas related to energy demand management and the development of renewable energies. It also participates in the promotion and development of digital uses for intelligent energy management and thus aspires to offer Finistère's local authorities an "smart and connected territory" service.