Kuzzle is a secure, scalable, fully customizable and open-source backend.
It also features an administration console, real-time push notifications, geofencing
capabilities, and a fast search engine


Install Kuzzle

$ bash -c "$(curl https://get.kuzzle.io/)"

Install Kuzzle quickly and easily using our installation scripts. Visit our download section to view all our installation options.



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Going further



 Product Overview

Kuzzle follows DevOps guidelines and lets teams maintain control over data privacy, network performances, cloud billing, scalability and platform connectivity.

It can be deployed on-premises and can scale horizontally on any cloud service, intranet, IoT hardware or on your existing Linux or Docker infrastructure. Our security layer provides 300+ authentication strategies, including OAuth2, and a fine-grained policy management to control access to your API.

Scalability is as easy as starting new Kuzzle instances, no configuration needed

Install Kuzzle, choose one of our SDK, and start building your application right away!


Kuzzle main Architecture